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(505) 890-3835 Call or Schedule Online ... Click Here “Getting it done & Getting it right” Stone & Grout Meister Why Choose Us Schedule Appointment Purchase Care Products New Looking Grout Without Replacing Travertine Cleaning  & Repairs Saltillo Tile Cleaning & Refinishing Tile & Grout Cleaning Shower Cleaning & Repairs Grout Repairs  & Replacement Seal Stone, Tile & Grout Surfaces Natural Stone  Cleaning & Restoration
The ULTIMATE in Tile and Grout cleaning!
Choose from one of our three tile & grout packages that best meets your needs. You will get honest pricing, no sales gimmicks or hidden costs.
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• Cleaning • Sealing • Crack & Hole Repairs • Honing & Polishing • Scratch Repairs • Stain Removal
We are EXPERTS at Cleaning, Polishing, Repairing, Restoring all Natural Stone
Saltillo looking dull or dirty?
Whether it’s routine cleaning, or complete stripping and refinishing, Stone & Grout Meister can help restore the beauty to your Saltillo floor.
Stain resistant grout that never needs sealing !
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Repairing or replacing tile grout and caulk can give a clean, new look to your tile for less than replacement. 
Mildew, soap scum and stain making your shower unsightly?
• Hot water turbo power wash • Apply grout sealer • Replace old or mouldy caulk • Replace damaged grout • and More
Cracked, stained grout making your surfaces look old and worn out?
• Counters • Floors Showers
Sealing is the best way to protect your stone & grout.
Whether it is routine cleaning, polishing, scratch removal, crack, chip or hole repair Stone & Grout Meister has the experience and expertise to get the job done right.
• Limestone • Marble • Sandstone (Flagstone) • Slate • Travertine
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We offer a variety of sealers specifically formulated for your stone & grout surfaces. including enhancers that will protect and enhance the color of worn and weathered stone.
Stone & Grout Meister FREE Demo & Quote The ULTIMATE in  Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning (505) 890-3835
To choose us for all of your stone, tile and grout cleaning and care needs.
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Everything you need to keep your stone, tile and grout looking there best.
Cleaners, polishes, mildew, soap film removers and more ...
(505) 890-3835
Call or email any time for a free no obligation price quote or discuss your stone, tile and grout care needs.
Albuquerque’s - Santa Fe’s Most Reliable Stone, Tile and Grout Cleaning and Restoration Company Customers who want the best choose Stone & Grout Meister as their number one source for all their stone, tile and grout cleaning and restoration needs. At Stone & Grout Meister we are committed to giving our customers a level of quality and service that far exceeds your expectations. We offer a complete line of cleaning and restoration solutions for all types of natural stone, tile, grout and Saltillo tile. Our company specializes in restoring and maintaining stone, tile and grout surfaces making the company uniquely qualified to get the results you want and expect for your home or business.
We are EXPERTS at Cleaning, Polishing, Repairing, Restoring all Natural Stone
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•  Makes grout color look new •  No need to reseal grout •  Change your grout color •  Protects from spills and stains •  Durable and long lasting •  Easy care and clean up •  Warranty
Not just just a cleaning!
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