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Repairing or replacing grout and caulk can give your tile a clean, new look ... Grout can crack, or come out for a host of reasons. Generally grout cracks or comes out because of movement in floor surfaces, improper cleaning or using grout where another product should have been used. Even properly installed tile floors and walls can be susceptible to cracking grout over time. Cracked or missing grout should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent damage to surrounding tile. Our Grout and caulk replacement process is virtually dust free. We offer a large selection of grout colors to closely match any existing installation. The grout in a tile shower can become moldy, dirty and discolored and crack over time. Shower with cracked or missing grout or caulking should be taken very seriously as this is a way for water to get inside of your walls causing damage and mold to form. For areas around tubs, counters, back-splashes, corners and door thresholds where cracking is a problem because of joint movement. We offer an alternative to grout that can be closely matched to existing grout color and provide greater flexibility to help prevent cracking. For grout that has been stained to the point that it cannot be cleaned. The grout can be color sealed instead of replacing the grout. Color sealing can restore the original color of the existing grout and bring back a clean even looking color or change  to another color. Color sealing will also seal and protect the grout and you will never have to seal the grout. Learn more about color sealing and it benefits here.
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We offer the following services for your grout: Frequently Asked Questions
• Grout Cleaning & Sealing • Grout Stain Removal Grout Stain Protection • Replace Cracked or Missing Grout Renew or Change Grout Color
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